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October 8, 2021: My most recommended services now have their very own event seed page! Click here to grab my most recommended services.


September 29, 2021: If you have some time on your hands and if you're looking to browse the web, then why not check out my newly created sleekbio, bio! https://sleekbio.com/businessnames. Also, in recent days I got a lot of feedback that people love to stay in touch about events. I agree. That's because I can't think of anything that I have in my life that did not come from some type of event!  


September 17, 2021: When you're savvy enough to be a great entrepreneur, and combine that with having luck on your side, then here's what I recommend today: send me an email at [email protected] and ask for your very own, custom-made list of unique new business name ideas. And if you're one of the first ten responders you get your list complimentory! 


September 5, 2021: I created a fast start orientation page for when you grab the list (or lists!) that are currently up for grabs. The page shows you how to get access to the New Business Name Ideas Facebook group I just created. While we may not be fond of Facebook these days, it still has its use. See you on the inside!


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