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Looking For That One Stand-Out Name For Your Waxing Business?

Cool Waxing Business Names

... Because One Good Name Can Answer Your Question "How should I name my waxing salon?"

Angels Spa | Aphrodite’s Touch | Aquarelax Spa | Axel Wax | Babybody | Bare And Beautiful | Bare Base | Bare Beauty | Bare Body | Bare Essentials | Bare Ideals | Bare It All | Bare Necessities | Bare Removal | Bare Solutions | Beauty Boutique | Beeswax | Blacklotus Spa | Blissfulexhale Spa | Blissfulperfection Spa | Body Goals Wax | Bodyyard Wax | Bold And Bare | Breezywax Lounge

Bring The Waxy Back | Clear Skin Continent | Clearskin Wax | Come | Come N Be Bare | Come N Wax | Dare 2 Wax | Delete D Hairs | Doctor Wax | Doves Spa | DoWax | DWax | Eazy Wax | Embertouch Hair Removal | Empyreangateway Spa | Empyreantouch | Eternal Wax | Exhilio Spa | Extra Removal | Extra Smooth Wax | Final Touch Waxing | Foxy Beauty Lounge | Genteel Wax | Get A Wax

Get Glam | Glam Wax | Glamorous Removal | Glamorous Waxx | Glow And Wax | Glowwaxing | GoodWax | GoWax | Growax | Guay Spa | Hairnemy Waxing | Hairrid Salon | Hairshed Waxing | Hairzap Waxing | House of Wax | Intricate Touch Spa | Justskin Waxing | Lilywell Spa | Long Wax | LuxeWax | Luxury Wax | Max Out Wax | Max Wax | Maxi Wax | Maximum Wax | MaxWax | Mr. Wax

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Naturale Beauty Spot | Pamperspace Spa | Paraffinex | Peak Wax | Perfect Smooth | Petallion Beauty Shop | Pleasurestream Spa | Precious Touch Spa | Princess Leg | Pro Waxer | Purplotus Spa | Pwax | Queen Leg | Ravishing Removal | Ready Removal | Refined Removal | Regulated Removal | Relax And Wax | Relax N Wax | Removal Experts | Removology | Rose Beauty Shop

Rose Castle Spa | Rosy Retreat Spa | Satinny Skin | Secrets Of Smooth | Seraphims Beauty Lounge | Silky Skin Wax | Skinclear Spa | Skinentropy Spa | Skinglow Spa | Skintransent Spa | Sleek Wax | Smooth Beach | Smooth Criminal | Smooth Day | Smooth Lab | Smooth Leg | Smooth Moon | Smooth Move | Smooth Night | Smooth Road | Smooth Salutations | Smooth Secrets | Smooth Spa

Smooth Swipe | Smooth Valley | Smooth Wax | Smooth World | Smoothry | SmoothShield | Smoothsy | Smoothy | Smoothza | Spa Of Smooth | Sparkles Spa | Super Smooth | Supreme Smooth | Tender Trust | The Wax Place | The Waxpert | To The Wax | Trusted Removal | Tulip Spa | Universal Wax | Venus Beauty Centre | Verik Spa | Watertouch Spa | Wax Away | Wax Away | Wax Boutique

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Wax Express | Wax Goals | Wax Home | Wax Home | Wax It | Wax It Off | Wax Lab | Wax Masters | Wax Off | Wax On | Wax Pro | Wax Season | Wax Solutions | Wax Theatre | Wax With Ease | Wax Works | Wax Worx | Waxaw | Waxex | WaxFactory | Waxfanatic | WaxFire | Waxfoliate | WaxFox | Waxhaven | Waximus | Waxine | Waxing Brilliance | Waxing Pride | WaxIt | WaxLand | Waxlr | WaxMan

Waxmaniac | Waxography | Waxology | Waxology | Waxomatic Studio | Waxrepublic | Waxresort | Waxsterminds | Waxthetics | Waxtore | Waxville | Waxxy | Waxy Smooth | Waxy Works | Waxyland | Whitestone Spa | Wild Wax West | Wildspire Rejuvenation Centre | Wonderful Wax | World Of Wax | Worldwide Wax | Wow Wax | Xpress Wax

How Do I Come Up With a Catchy Business Name?

On the one hand, a catchy name gets the people going. And on the other hand I’d urge you to keep it clear.

At the very least consider the following:

Use the word Wax or Waxing. This helps with marketing down the line, because it implies relevance!If you’re a local waxer, consider adding your city/ town name. If there’s something that helps set you apart from other providers, consider adding that to the name. 

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Waxing Spa Names of Your Industry's Big Boys

After doing some digging on the internet, I found two things in this IbisWorld article to share with you! 

Major Players, and My Personal Investigation to Add to Your Consideration

European Wax Center. What I like about this name is that it’s extremely clear. It has the offer right there in the name, and it specifies the type of waxing they do! If there’s a specific waxing technique that you’re great at, consider putting that in your business name.

Waxing the City. What I like is that they paint a vision. They’d like to wax the whole city. Meaning to some extent, it’s a priority for them! They’re not playing around. They mean business.

Salon and Spa LLC. This seems an all-inclusive type of establishment, based off of the name only. Whereas other companies specialize in waxing, this one implies the whole shabang.Angel Tips. This name seems to imply a heavenly treatment. Expect to be pampered here!

Growing 7% Year Over Year... Now Seems The Perfect Time To Jump In

With all of the craziness that’s gone on in the world in 2020, the waxing industry is still expected to grow! That’s a blessing and you know that a good waxer is always needed.